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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing rental application chicago

Instructions and Help about rental application chicago

Jozek is from the Oh Chicago I'm sitting outside at Starbucks at diversity in Sheffield with Harold writer from Realty a mortgage go howdy Harold how are you I'm good I wanted to ask you if you could help Stephie through the process for renting my first apartment in Chicago what can I expect from the way arenal policies for example credit checks fees upfront yeah general almost every landlord in the city of Chicago is going to ask you to fill out an application give you permission to run their credit run from your credit report there's a charge for that it's typically about $50 right now to process an application that includes not just the credit report but doing a criminal background check on you have an appointment verification making sure that your income checks as far as our underwriting goes we knew the percentage of your gross income to see if you can afford an apartment for us it's 35 percent of your gross income if the apartment is building heated and it's 30 percent of your gross income if it's tenant heating learning that you contract directly with utilities for gas or that's fairly representative of language across the board I would say fairly yes I can't speak for everybody but yeah there is everybody's got a a general percentage they try to hit in addition to that we would always we need a credit score that is for us our score is 600 we usually like to work above 600 everybody's criteria varies a little bit but that is provided to us by a third party service that we use so we everything that gets processed and it just spits out a number for us as the landlord and that way we can underwrite everybody fairly that vary from building to building no it really for us as a company it's pretty set in stone it will vary from landlord to landlord however and we don't try to cherry-pick buildings and have different criteria for different buildings assembly how we tend to operate what about roommate situations except roommates it we do accept roommates we have a general guideline of two people per bedroom studio counting is a bedroom so we'll put two people in this studio what we wouldn't do is put eight people in a one-bedroom apartment obviously each person has to be approved individually because they're both separately liable for the lease so they both have to have good credit and ensure that they are capable banging around and we vented we'd have to turn either one of them individually they might qualify for the portion of the rent are responsible for does each you have to qualify for the whole each got to qualify for whole rent and each is liable for the whole rent if their roommate fails to pay that's great the do you require some way inwards require I know that they will only take a check.